Unlock the power of collaboration by joining forces with a versatile partner in advocacy, promotion, and awareness campaigns. I welcome collaborations with brands, companies, organizations, fellow content creators, and research teams, offering a range of opportunities to reach diverse audiences and amplify our collective impact. Let's create meaningful initiatives together.

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The Orca Man trying to pose balancing on a rock in Vancouver

Affiliate Marketing

With a dedicated audience of over 300K followers and a monthly reach of 2M+, I offer a platform to promote your orca-centric events and products through affiliate marketing. Tap into my engaged audience seeking immersive experiences with killer whales, and let me drive targeted traffic to your whale watches, museum exhibits, movie screenings, and more, while earning commissions.

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The Orca Man presenting at UBC's BC Marine Mammal Conference

Speaking Engagements

Elevate your conferences and educational programs with impactful speaking engagements on orca conservation and research. With a record of presenting at prestigious events like the BC Marine Mammal Symposium and delivering engaging talks for students of all ages, I offer tailored presentations aligned with specific learning goals. Book me to inspire and educate.

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Content Creation

As an established influencer in the orca community, I provide expert content creation services for organizations, research teams, and companies seeking a strong presence on social media. Whether it's creating compelling content for my own platforms or developing content for your brand, I bring my expertise in orca-related topics to captivate audiences and amplify your message.

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The Orca Man at Orcas: Our Shared Future Exhibit holding a copy of the book: Spirit of Orcas that was created for the exhibit

Research Awareness

With a track record of generating millions of views and driving significant traffic to research papers, I specialize in raising awareness for scientific studies. By leveraging my online communication skills, I can effectively promote your research to scientists, funders, and the public, ensuring your important work gets the attention it deserves.

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The Orca Man whale watching in British Columbia

Charters & Events

Enhance your whale watch charters or orca events by inviting me and my dedicated audience to join, providing a unique opportunity for collaboration. Together, we'll create an immersive experience, combining promotion and event-related content shared on my platforms, ensuring widespread visibility and excitement surrounding your offerings.

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