So you want to see whales this summer?

You’re in luck. I know a few spots… and a few other things. 

For those of us who’ve travelled to watch whales from shore, there is one thing we can promise you - there is no such thing as a promise to see Orcas. There is only hope, preparation, and God, Herself.

Lucky for you, I'm here to offer guidance on the preparation needed for your land-based whale watching adventure.

Now, lets begin with timing.


The first question anyone asks as they begin their journey to see whales in the wild is usually -When is the best time to go? And it's a fair question.

Below, you'll find a map series of Orca sightings around the Salish Sea from January till December of 2023 that will help you answer it.

This map series was put together by the Orca Behavior Institute, and after each month this year you'll find a sightings report on their social media accounts.

Take a look at this series as your first step.

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You can download the series of photo's by clicking HERE

Congratulations - you have officially started your journey to find Orcas. Now that you’ve got a rough idea of when to explore, let's get into where you’ll be going, and how you'll know there are Orcas nearby.

Where and How

So here's the deal. There are a million places you can see Orcas from land this summer in the Salish Sea. That being said, there ARE some places where Orcas are seen more often than others.

For this guide, I have gathered 28 of these "frequently-trafficked" locations across the coasts of Southern British Columbia and Northern Washington, as well as local sightings tools, for you to look through as the next step on your land-based whale watching journey.

There is a good chance an Orca, or many, will swim by each of the 28 locations sometime in the next 365 days. This guide will give you some of the tools you’ll need to hopefully be there when they do.

Click the link below to continue your journey.

Continue Your Adventure

Wishing you Whales - The Orca Man